Google Vet Connect Terms and Conditions and Privacy Information

Vet Connect is a tool created by Google for use by veterans and members of the U.S. armed forces to find and connect with each other.

Under your employment obligations from the U.S. government, you are responsible for ensuring you do not provide or disclose any data which is prohibited.

  • Your use of Vet Connect, Google+ and your Google Profile are subject to the Google Terms of Service listed at and your use of Google+ is also subject to any other terms and policies posted on that service,
  • The Profile you create in Vet Connect is PUBLIC to other logged in users of the Vet Connect service. By creating a profile, you are allowing Google to make your profile photo, name, and any supporting information you input directly into the Vet Connect service, such as your dates of service or locations of deployment and stations, public to other users of the tool. Additionally, your Vet Connect profile will contain a link to the Google+ profile corresponding to the email account you use to log in to your Vet Connect profile. Should you wish to remove your Vet Connect profile, you may do so at any time by clicking on ‘edit profile’ and selecting ‘delete.’
  • When you connect to Vet Connect using your Google Login, we will copy your name and Google Profile photo into Vet Connect; if you update your name or profile photo in Google+, it will also be updated in your Vet Connect profile. You will also be able to add additional data to your Vet Connect profile directly. Data that you add directly in your Vet Connect profile through the Vet Connect service will not be a part of your Google+ profile. If you delete your profile on Vet Connect, any data stored directly in Vet Connect will be deleted within 30 days, but more likely within 24 hours.
  • Your Vet Connect profile will contain a link to your public Google+ profile. To change the content or visibility of the content, you must visit and log in.
  • Any user who is found impersonating another or misrepresenting themselves in any way will have their profile removed from the Vet Connect Tool. All profile data in Vet Connect is public to logged in users and may be crawlable by Google.
  • By submitting, you confirm that you are granting Google, its subsidiaries, agents and partner companies permission to display your inputted profile data to other logged in users.
  • Your data will be stored and handled as outlined in our privacy policy, available at